Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chilean Fjords

The geography of southern Chile is a labyrinth of channels, fjords, passages, inlets, glaciers and mountains; this is quite evident from the map in the previous post.

We were fortunate to have excellent weather for most of our cruise through the fjords. Our next stop was the Agostini Glacier at the end of a long fjord that boasted many glaciers along its narrow path. We spent several hours outside on deck watching the scenery pass by with the best to come once the Agostini Glacier came into sight.

The following photos attempt to show the beauty of this part of the world.

One of many glaciers on the way to the Agostini Glacier
More of the same....
Agostini Glacier
It's blue!
Cross marking the southernmost point of continental South Amerca
Glacier in the Magellan Strait
Fishing boat
Ripples and reflections
More r&r


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