Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Looking Back

SAm13 was an interesting time: more travel by bus than previous trips to SAm, finally visited Rio, enjoyed revisiting Santiago, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and Valparaiso, and topped it off with a wonderful two week cruise through the Chilean fjords! In addition to Rio, we also visited Salta and Cordoba, Argentina, for the first time--all interesting cities. We've seen some beautiful places and had some very interesting experiences whether traveling by motorcycle, air, sea,or bus. As long as the countries stay politically stable, I think tourism will continue to grow on the South American continent.
SPOT did a good job of tracking us through most of our journey though I was disappointed at the lack of hits during the cruise; the narrow fjords and extreme southern latitude apparently was the cause of poor coverage.
We traveled approximately 21,600 miles by plane, car, bus, and ship on this journey. We have no plans to return to South America in the ner future--it has been a good run.
Future travel plans? China/Tibet and Hong Kong are planned for September/October 2013. Next year will be more motorcycle touring: back to Spain for another moto tour in March, then east to west across Russia in the summer/fall. The ride across southern Siberia will be an interesting and challenging one; I guess we shoud tackle that one while we can!
Thanks for coming along; until next time......

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