Monday, January 14, 2013

Navigating this Blog

Like last year, this blog has several gadgets that should enhance your viewing experience.

If you view the blog on a mobile device you can switch to a web view that will allow you to access the various gadgets.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to go to a web view.

On the left side of the page you will  be able to track us when you click on the SPOT site.  Orange dots will show our progress while a green flag will indicate a stop for the night.  When you first open the site it will only show that day's travel--under "Adjustments" you can choose other time spans.
You can now view the weather and temps on the map.  A bit further down you can add your comments if you wish.  At the upper right you can toggle back and forth between "Map". "Terrain", and "Satellite" views.

I have also included links to the Weather Underground sites for weather in the major cities that we will be visiting.

On the right side you can become a follower (please do!) and also sign up for e-mail notification of any new posts or comments to the blog.   You can also translate the blog into about a zillion different languages and  access the blog archive.

At the end of each blog post there is a place for your comments.  There is an "Anonymous" choice there so you do not heed to have one of he many accounts listed; just leave your name or initials so we know who you are!

Last year I switched from a laptop to an iPad and that worked quite well; now I will be using an iPad Mini which will lighten my day pack a bit.

I plan to post some pictures on facebook as I did last fall during our trip to Spain and Portugal.

If you have any questions, please ask--we want you to enjoy the blog!!

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