Monday, January 14, 2013


RuthAnn and I will be flying south again in a few days to (re)visit several destinations in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. We'll start where we left off last March in Santiago, Chile, where we will spend a few days before flying north to San Pedro de Atacama. We will stay five days in this Atacama Desert oasis making several day trips to visit various sites in the driest desert in the world.
We will depart San Pedro by bus to travel across the Andes to Salta, Argentina. From Salta a u-turn takes us back up into the Andes on the Train to the Clouds. It will be an all day excursion over many bridges, viaducts, spirals, zigzags and through over 20 tunnels.

During the following few weeks we will travel by bus to Mendoza and Cordoba. We spent several days in Mendoza last year and enjoyed our stay in Argentina's prime wine country. Another long bus ride will take us to Argentina's second largest city, Cordoba. We hope to take a train from Cordoba to Buenos Aires, returning to one of our favorite South American cities.
Rio de Janeiro will be our home for a week--we are anxious to visit what many have described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The apartment we have rented is located between the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.....
A long day of flying will take us back to Ushuaia, Argentina, billed as the southernmost city in the world. It will be fun revisiting this city that was the ultimate destination on our motorcycle ride two years ago. We'll leave Ushuaia on-board the French flagged mega-yacht, Le Boréal, spending two weeks wending our way through the Chilean fjords and up the west coast of South America to Valparaiso, Chile.
We have rented an apartment in Valparaiso, a funky port city, and look forward to our time there. It is a short bus ride to Santiago for our flight home via Miami and a short family reunion in Florida.
This trip will probably be our last to South America for the foreseeable future; other parts of the world beckon.
Come along with us; it should be a fun time.


  1. I think its all in the planning,,, As I,m in cold (0 tonight)GB.. feeding livestock and chucking wood in the boiler.... WTF.,,,,, ENJOY ...Dan

  2. It's a cloudy 70 in Santiago today--will be in the 80s for the next few days 😎! Time to unpack the sandals and head out for some empanadas!!